Right Where We Are!!!

Right Where We Are! …and there he worshiped the LORD – Genesis 13:4
Abraham builds an altar and right there he worshiped the LORD. He didn’t have the latest and greatest church building or technological advancement to show God just how into God he was at the time. Abraham had a bunch of rocks piled on top of one another and that was good enough.
Technology is almost available in every church now and it becomes so easy to get caught up in the production and forget that technology is only a tool best left under God’s supervision. Technology is no more than that pile of rocks that Abraham had back then. Worship is not about a rock, or a piece of electrical equipment. In fact, it is not about the music or the voices or the instruments; these are simply conduits granted by God for human expression of worshipping a God who has given us the gifts of forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life in paradise with Him.
Worship is not about being traditional, contemporary or a workable blend of the two. Every generation adds or subtracts or preserves worship.
Worship is not about whether we kneel, sit, stand, or whether or not we raise our hands or leave them by our sides. It’s not about our eyes being open or closed. To put it bluntly, worship is not about us at all or what we get out of worship.
Worship is much simpler, much truer, than that. It is a deliberate action that does not need anything but our willing hearts engaging God’s heart.
It is one-on-one, heart-to-heart, alone or in a crowd, it is giving Him the honor and glory due Him regardless of our circumstances. Regardless of our feelings. Regardless of what else might be demanding our time and attention.

The world is constantly demanding more and more of our time and the one who suffers for that is not God, it is us. We suffer because we allow the world to draw us away from the only One who can truly help us with the life we live here on earth. We need God’s power and strength for life. We need His forgiveness. We need Him to show us what true love is all about. True love is selfless. Jesus showed us that love when He went to the cross to free us from everything that separated us from God. Jesus has showed us what true love is, it is giving of oneself for the lifting up of others. Let Jesus lift you up so you can lift up others. Worship the One True King, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Randy Johnson

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